The University of Port Harcourt Business School (UPBS) is an integral part of the University of Port Harcourt (Uniport). The UPBS is a multipurpose school of excellence designed for learning and teaching, research, and engagement with business and community through cross-disciplinary, multi-disciplinary and collaborative education.

Thus, we are committed to ensuring that our academic programmes add value for our graduates.

Senior personnel in both the private and public sectors of the economy are enabled to maintain, improve and broaden their professional knowledge and skills, advance their careers and booster their employability. Education for USE is the hallmark.

The courses offered are run in modules and use the case-method of learning aimed at enhancing the students decision-making capacity and providing solid foundation that prepares participants to make the best use of their experiences for a life time.

 The courses are offered on Friday evenings and Saturday to suit the work schedule of the busy managers
 Courses are run in modules and use the case-method of instruction
 Academic staff of UPBS is drawn from its core faculties, the university and industry and all over the world where brilliant minds could be found.
 The curriculum is flexible and is tailor made to provide the knowledge, tools, and relationships to drive results at the highest levels of global management
 The UPBS has Affiliation Agreement with many national and international universities and institutes for academic staff exchange and curriculum development
 The UPBS capacity building programmes are for both executives and young striving entrepreneurs and professionals to help accelerate the development of their companies.
 We offer a wide range of innovative postgraduate and executive development programmes which are constantly updated to ensure the inspiration, intellectual stimulation and add fresh perspective to the decision-making perspective of our graduates.